Top Tips

Be Honest

To get the greatest value from this benchmarking process it is important to be honest and realistic about the level of Sales performance within your organisation.

Involve Others

Benchmarking provides an opportunity to motivate and engage people at all levels within your organisation. Invite your team to participate, down load the blank Salesbenchmark form for them to complete.

Set time aside to meet as a team. Discuss the results, compare opinions and encourage the team to reach a consensus then resubmit online to reach a team score. This approach is likley to significantly increase the accuracy of your Salesbenchmark results.

Review Progress

Revisit the Salesbenchmark site every 3 to 6 months, track the progress your organisation is making on its Sales journey. This will reinvigorate your improvement activity and provides an opportunity to track progress and where necessary re-focus your improvement programme.


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