Customer Comments

“The Sales Benchmark has proved remarkably valuable to our organisation. As a result we have now designed an improved method for our clients at the marketing brief stage. The result is a quicker response time for our clients.”

Bill Hutton (Hutton Design)

“One of the many benefits of the Sales Benchmark sales development projects is that the client can assess where they are relative to other organisations in the same sector. The Benchmark then points the client to improvement areas for which we can then create specific projects”

Andrew Parker (Nailbourne Sales and Coaching)

“This self-assessment tool was quite straightforward and simple to use, it provided us with a summary of key sales competencies highlighting where we needed to focus our efforts. As part of our continuous improvement activity, this helped us identify areas within our sales process that could be further enhanced. Whilst much of the criteria within this assessment was not new, it was a very useful reminder of best practice and where we needed to concentrate our efforts to take our sales performance to the next level.”

Martin Daniell (Siegrist-Orel Ltd)


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