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  • Sales Strategy

    We consider the volume and value of potential business when targeting new customers and markets.
    We provide high quality products / services that meet or exceed customer expectations.
    When satisfying customer specifications, we are prepared to be flexible and can offer customised products and services.
    Our speed of response and delivery performance meets or exceeds customer expectations.
    Our range of products / services matches the requirements of our target market
    We provide excellent after-sales support and product or service advice to our customers
    Our documented sales plan considers both existing and new market and product development opportunities.
  • Marketing Channels

    Our well-developed digital sales and marketing plan incorporates all key social media including Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In and relevant blogging of key marketing messages
    Our website is a significant lead generator for our business, we track traffic to the site regularly and know the volume or value of sales created online
    Our marketing content clearly links our product or services to known customer needs. It identifies the likely challenges our customers may face and links to operational or financial gains etc
    Traditional advertising such as trade journals, local press and other media have been considered and where appropriate adopted. The success of this has been measured.
    Our well-developed network with partner organisations, personal contacts and suppliers represents a primary route for high quality referrals
    Direct marketing is considered an important part of the overall mix. Our regular weekly / monthly sales campaigns include hard copy letters, emails and follow up calls
    We have a motivated, competent and effective field (or office) based sales forces that wins new business in line with our budgeted sales plan.
  • Sales Process

    We qualify all sales leads. The leads produced through our marketing activity are scored and rated based on quality and potential.
    Each quotation, customer action plan or proposal is customised to reflect a particular customer's needs
    There is a clear understanding of which customers are most profitable for the business. This information is analysed and used to target areas for increasing our sales
    Our sales process is clearly defined with a specific set of performance measures that track progress. We take corrective action to bring things back on track where required.
    Everyone knows who is both accountable and responsible for all stages from enquiry to confirmed order and order fulfilment process
    We know exactly how many sales leads are required to generate break-even point in sales and track this regularly
    We know the conversion rate of leads into firm orders and track this regularly
  • Customer Intelligence

    The reasons for lost sales are analysed. Lessons are learned from this. Accordingly our product or services development, sales and marketing plans and processes are then adapted.
    Market intelligence on trends and needs is gathered regularly through a wide range of third party organisations, staff feedback, published material and other research.
    All employees that interact with customers can clearly and accurately describe the unique selling points and strengths of our products / services.
    Customer feedback is always used to improve our business and inform the development of our new product / services.
    The spending levels of our regular customers' purchases and buying frequency are activeily monitored. Action is taken to respond to trends or any significant changes
    The characteristics of typical customer buying needs and their processes for buying are clearly understood
    The profit that each customer contributes to the business is calculated and regularly reviewed, appropriate action is taken to retain key customers and drive profitable growth.
  • Sales Management

    Each sale is treated as a project with distinct stages events or actions that match the buyer's purchasing process
    We regularly assess our marketing content. The gap analysis drives the style, type and media of marketing content and matches the customer's purchase process: from awareness to purchase decision and order confirmation
    In our sales process we have a threshold level of contact and information from a new customer before it becomes an inquiry
    We regularly review and adapt our sales process to match any shift in buying behaviours in general by adjusting it for a particular market or buying group
    Internal and/or field sales staff plan and balance their workload in line with the stages of our sales process and buyer's purchasing process
    We know the 'fit' or alignment of our product or service with buyer's evaluation and explicit needs criteria.
    The sales team use tools, techniques and job aids (territory plan, customer meeting or call plan...etc) within the sales process
  • Sales Techniques

    The sales team recognise different customers and sales situations require flexible methods. They can adjust to suit varying situations such as team selling rather than solo sales
    The sales team has a method that maintains a balance between seeking and qualifying new custom and customers, progressing live enquiries to a conclusion and account managing or maintaining contact with existing customers
    Our products and services are always described to customers in terms of value, benefits and advantages rather than price, features and technical specifications
    The sales team have been trained in, or have a method for, matching and pacing our sales process to the individual style of buyers and their purchasing processes.
    Our sales process specifies that each contact with the customer is planned with an objective or outcome for the customer and our organisation
    The sales team have been trained in, or have a method for, probing styles that 'drill down' and uncover the real customer buying issues and other relevant information for matching customer needs to our products and services
    Each member of the sales team receives regular refresher courses for negotiations, presentation techniques and other key sales skills
  • Business Development

    We have a documented Market / Product development plan in place, to increase the number of qualified leads and sales.
    Our Sales team is well trained. They are a fully competent team and are effective at negotiating and closing sales.
    Our sales plan and marketing content focuses on growing market awareness of our products and services.
    Our sales processes create predictable results for our business and our customers
    We are using all the sales, marketing and communication channels appropriately and to their full potential
    The sales and order fulfilment processes are fully aligned.
    Our effective pricing strategies ensure that budgeted levels of profit are achieved or exceeded across all customers and market sectors.
  • Order Fulfilment

    We have an agile and highly flexible order fulfilment process that readily accommodates changes to customer orders
    Lead time from customer order to shipment meets or exceeds customer expectations.
    On time in full delivery performance is consistently 95 to 100%
    The machinery, equipment and technology we used is advanced for our sector.
    There is a personal development plan and well trained workforce that is focused on customer needs and satisfaction
    We are proud of our workplace , our processes are efficient, and customer feedback shows that our quality of product and service is high.
    The cost of our order fulfilment process is known. Our continuous improvement process enables us to consistently improve quality and reduce cost.

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Sales Process

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Customer Intelligence

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Sales Management

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Sales Techniques

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Business Development

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Order Fulfilment

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